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NEW YEARS WAS A BLAST… so I had to come back to do it all over again one more time.

This time with my friends at YOU’RE WELCOME at MONARCH.

really looking forward to coming and sharing some music with all this awesome peeps.

♥ **** YOU’RE WELCOME **** ♥


The thought of bringing the best underground house, dance, techno, retro in to Monarch’s dungeon disco living room of lust, then filling it with everyone you know and love the most, is what YW’s aiming for, pulling for, and dreaming after. Just last month may have been You’re Welcome’s biggest night yet….moving it to a Saturday, and brought in the new label of perfection Sol Solectas with Sabo, LUM, and Timboletti. It was a wild one, with a packed room from start until 4 am. Who’s to say we can’t do it all over again. And with the Favela Bar ring leader Patricio coming up from LA, I see no reason why we couldn’t. This is a night for you, me, him, and her. It’s about saying fuck the 9 to 5. It’s about being you and embracing the one next to you. There’s only one you, SAY YOU’RE WELCOME.


x\\\ PATRICIO ///x

There are few guys that encompass what You’re Welcome is all about more than Patricio. With a fierce drive to always be progressing, a constant smile on his face ear to ear, an infectious positive attitude, and music that makes everyone in the room dance till their drenched….he’s the man and then some. I had seen him a few times play before, but when he was in for Tutu Tuesday last, I haven’t danced that hard in years. He’s the main man behind Lightning In a Bottle’s The Favela Bar, a main force in LA’s Do Lab, and never ending, non stop tour de force of house music bliss. It’s about time he takes the YW reigns, and we couldn’t be more excited. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s Patricio time

x\\\ Martin Aquino ///x

x\\\ Benjamin K ///x

x\\\ Patón///x

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